Changes In PC Games Because Of Growing Technology

It is not possible to for a kid to read their lessons all day, it is not possible for a grown-up adult to get indulged in work all day and it is not possible for an elderly person to sit idle all day.

Everybody needs a break. Why not play something and give a break to everything? Play???? Yes, Of course, kids do this. But do grown-up adults and elderly people play?? Playing does not only mean a baseball game or hides and seek; it also means playing by sitting in a particular place. You can sit in one particular place and play on your PC. That is not news to you right? But have you ever wondered how much has the technology improved PC Games? Have you ever wondered what the effects of the growing technology are?


Olden Days: In the earlier days, PC Games were nothing but DOS Games. As playing in PC was new at that time, many were interested in playing it just because it was new. Pictures were not good, animations and graphics were not that attractive. They were designed only based on x and y coordinates in dos shell. They were only DOS programs. Mostly there was not much dialogue between the characters. A system for playing games with good graphics could often be expensive.

Modern Days: Lots of graphics, animations, and more fun-filled games entertain us a lot these days. Games are made more interactive. The technology has improved such that we get a feel as though we are inside the computer fighting with a huge dinosaur. It gives us a chance of entering the virtual world. The improvement in the 3D field has helped the games to become livelier. Today, you can also enjoy good graphics with a gaming laptop under 200.


Olden Days: Sounds were not given much importance in games initially. Beep was the only sound one could hear in the game.

Modern Days: With the growing technology, light music was introduced in the game which was followed by more advanced effects in sound. Sound plays a main role in the game these days. As the graphics are such that they take us to the virtual world, the sound also helps us to enjoy the imaginary world. Even a small pin dropped on the floor, waterfalls, and rivers that are flowing behind the game scene are also projected with the help of sound effects.


Olden Days: There were not many games at that time. By the introduction of CD’s, many had various games programmed on their CD’s and used them to play it from the CD.

Modern Days: Growth in the Internet technology is helping us to play more. Lots of games are available on the internet. One can download any number of games from internet. Apart from downloading the games, one can even play them online. One can also compete with their online friends, which means the technology has improved so much that players from different places can play the same game and compete with each other.

The growth of technology and improvement in PC Games has been enormous. The above mentioned are only a few changes faced because of growing technology. There are lots more.

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