What is the ideal lifespan of a gaming laptop?

Everything has a manufacturing and an expiry date! Every minute creation has a certain period of shelf life and gadgets are no wonder. Have you ever wondered about the lifespan of laptops and other gadgets? Do they really have one? Or they work as we treat them? Well, both are actually true. They do have a lifespan but also depends on how well we use them.

Does it really need to have an expiry?

Really not, if you use it as per the manual and better according to your intuition, it works better than the expected deadline. In that case, why are there so many new releases every year, from the companies? Let’s see why!

The reason for Expiration, as defined by IT

If you are a little on the techy side, then you may understand this better. Doesn’t mean if you aren’t, you won’t. We shall explain in better terms. There is a term called Planned Obsolescence in IT, which means that the manufacturing companies limit the components capacity to a certain amount artificially, hence it becomes outdated after a period of time.

To talk about lifespan, we must understand the computer industry very well. We see that there are many new versions and releases done every year, sometimes twice or thrice in a year. Let’s take the software part of laptops, they are periodically upgraded. You buy a new software this year, by the mid of next year, a new version is released. You upgrade. Next, in another year+ 6 months, there is another upgrade and then you plan to buy. But here comes the companies’ logic, that software needs up gradation of your hardware components.

So, according to the industry, 2 years is the estimated lifespan of the computers, laptops. But, can you change them so often? And yet, we see many people changing due to various reasons. So, why is it designed this way?

Company’s’ tricks:

In many countries, the companies take the consumers shopping patterns and that regions financial status into account. We don’t see the same pattern of replacing laptops or never buying them the second time, in all regions. When the market gets competitive, the companies start to work around with people. They need to survive, so there are many tricks used by them. And the consumers who are really not aware of this technical tactics fall prey.

The concern of gaming laptops:

When it comes to gaming laptops special care needs to be taken for extending the lifespan of the laptop. In gaming laptops, processors tend to do more work than any other part. It is the one which works out the graphics too. So taking appropriate care of those will help in the long run of the laptop. On the other hand, in the process of saving the laptop for the longer duration, if you under-utilize them, they tend to wear out due to staying unused. So, switch on the laptops every day for a minimum of 2-5 hours, to save the battery from running out.

In the actual scenario, one would never utilize even quarter percent of the processor of the laptop. When it comes to gaming, maybe you may use 50%, the rest is wasted or underutilized. So before you upgrade, try to utilize effectively. A laptop with good care, be it gaming or the regular ones, have a lifespan around 5-7 years. So never worry about the market releases. And there is nothing like an ideal and perfect. But there are gaming laptop buying guides out there. What guide to follow depend on your budget. For the best gaming performance, you need a gaming laptop for 1.5K USD. But if that is out of your budget then you need to check out the top list of the best gaming laptops for less than 1000 US dollars.

The better gaming laptop you get, the better is the lifespan, all lies in your hands. We have seen people repairing computers in bad states in low as 3 months, and people preserving them for nearly 6-8years.

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