Technology Fuels Our Lives

Technology runs like a blood in society and removing it from our life completely will make our life chaotic. It has made distant places closer and abridged information access. It plays a signified role in our lives and makes it better.

It has empowered us to make stronger relationships by keeping contact with old friends, colleagues, and extended family member through social media system or communication mode as a phone. Here are few examples of how much it helps us to make our daily life easier:

  • Medicines or medical amenities: If it would not have been for the technology we still would not have known the cure for many diseases. Technology is evolving each day and helping us save lives each day. Surgeons are now able to accomplish procedures that were once thought unmanageable.
  • Communication: We can talk to a person sitting miles apart in a jiffy and can see if they are fine. The Internet and mobile phones have brought us together. We stay connected through this medium of communication. Technology helps cultivate and provides closeness to long distance relationships.
  • Education redefined: Gone are the days when only books were the medium of education. The education industry has transformed into a new word completely. Technology has made education easy for students who cannot go to school regularly, they can take courses over the internet at their suitability. Tablets, apps, and interactive whiteboards are not only learning tool for kids, but they are now teaching tool for educators too.
  • Natural disasters: We can minimize the impact of natural disaster with the help of technology. It is obvious that we cannot avoid natural disasters but we can save many lives with the help of technology.
    Transportation made easier: We can cover a longer distance in short period of time using the new methods of transportation. Bullet trains and airplanes save our time and make our life easier.
  • Agriculture Industry: There are many benefits of technology and it has helped in agriculture industry too. With new machines and methods, we are now able to meet food requirement of more people all over the world.

It is no brainer to say exploitation of anything results in negative consequences. As far as we use technology in moderation, it is sure that it is definitely going to help us in the longer run. In this globalized world, we are living in the era of progressive technology. If we compare our lifestyle to older days, it is prominent that we have better facilities and luxuries due to technology.

Technology and humans cannot be separated at all, we can try to manage with less of it but eliminating it from our life is next to impossible. From travel, to communicate, to do business and to learn we use it for everything in our day to day life. It impacts the environment, people and the society as a whole.

One cannot deny a fact that too much of anything is bad. To keep a balance in everything is a secret of healthy and happy life. The man has made technology and it is empowering us day by day. Until the time we use to make life better and does not let it take a charge of our life, it is going to benefit us each day.

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